2016 International Food Court

Afghan – Booth # F16
Eggplant Boorani, Chicken Karahi Masala, Challow Rice, Qabelli Pallow, Grilled Chicken Kabobs, Grilled Beef Kabobs, Afghani Mantoo,
Afghani Pakouras, Afghan Lemonade
American – Booth # F13
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Philly Steak Sandwich, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pocket, Funnel Cakes, Fried Oreos, Potato Ribbon Fries with Cheese,
Buffalo Chicken on a Stick, Corn Dogs, Fresh-squeezed Lemonade, Frozen Lemonade, Shaved Ice with Flavors station
Argentine – Booth # F11
Meat Empanadas, Spinach Empanadas, Ham and Cheese Empanadas, Cream Corn Empanadas
Asian Indian—Booth # F7
Onion Samosa, Chicken Samosa, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken 65, Paneer Tika Masala, Channa Masada, Stuffed Potato Samosa, Sweet Gulab Jamoon, Chicken Korma
Belizean – Booth # F20
Rice and Beans with Chicken, Tamales, Gumbo, Meat Pies
Bhutanese – Booth # F12
Vegetarian Dumplings, Meat Dumplings, Chaumin, Pork BBQ, Biryani, Samosas, Vegetarian Fruit Salad
Bosnian – Booth # F30
Cevapi (Beef sausages), Babos Chicken (Grilled dark meat), Apple Strudel, Baklava
Brazilian – Booth # F40
Feijoada (Black beans cooked with bacon, sausage and beef. Served with white rice, collard greens, farofa, orange slices and vinaigrette), Vatapada de Frango (Grilled chicken breast in a cashew gravy with white rice and collard greens), Peixada (Cod boiled in coconut milk with palm oil. Comes with white rice and collard greens), Brazilian Flan (Vanilla and chocolate), Guarana (Brazilian soda), Fruit Juices 
Bulgarian – Booth # F21
Roasted Lamb with Wild Rice Casserole, Kavarma (spicy pork and vegetables with rice), Mini-Lamb and Feta Burger, Bulgarian Fries with Feta, Bacon-wrapped Chicken Skewer, Frozen Yogurt, Grilled Eggplant with Feta Cheese, Karmaduta (Bulgarian sausage), Kufteta (Mini pork burger), Bamitza (spinach and feta pie), Butternut Squash Strudel, Roasted Eggplant Dip, Baklava, Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Tea
Cajun – Booth # F34
Bourbon Chicken, Red Beans and Rice with Sausage, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Crawfish Etouffe, Sausage Po’boy, Voodoo Fries, Lemonade, Virgin Daiquiris
Caribbean – Booth # F27
Jerk Chicken, Curried Chicken, Rice and Peas, Fried Bakes, Meat Patties, Caribbean Rum Cake, Caribbean Punch
Chinese – Booth # F18
Pot Stickers, Egg Roll, Crab Rangoon, Singapore Noodles, General Tso’s Chicken, Hot Braised Wings
Chinese – Booth # F39 
Hot Braised Wings, Sesame Noodles, General Tso’s Chicken, String Beans, Crab Rangoon, Egg Roll (Pork and Vegetable), Pot Stickers, Water, Bubble Tea, Smoothies, Lemonade
Cuban – Booth # F35
Rice and Beans with Pork or Beef, Cuban Sandwich, Pork Sandwich, Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding), Empanadas Hojaldras
Eritrean – Booth # F5
Zigni (Beef Stew), Addes (Lentil Stew), Hamil (Vegetable Stew), Alicha (Vegetable Stew), Sambusa (Lentil Stuffed Wrap), Injera (Fermented Bread—Sour Pancake Crepes).  Hembasha (Eritrean Bread)
Ethiopian – Booth # F28
Beef Sambusa, Lentil Sambusa, Doro Wat i, Tibse Wat i, Alcha wat i, Spicy Lentils, Mild Lentils, Cabbage Carrot and Potato Mix
Filipino – Booth # F10
Pork Kabob, Beef Kabob, Chicken Kabob, Egg Roll, Crab Rangoon, Pancit (Stir-fried noodles with chicken and vegetables), Turon (fried plantain), Fried Rice, Adobo with Rice, Fresh-squeezed Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Fresh-squeezed Orange Lemonade, Cantaloupe Juice
Filipino – Booth # F33
Adobo (Chicken) over Rice, Pancit (Filipino Noodles), Chicken Fried Rice, Siopao-Chicken, Siopao-Pork, Chicken Lumpia (Roll), Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai, Veggie Roll, Crab Rangoon, Iced Tea, Cantaloupe Juice
French—Booth # F23
Bacon Maple Crepes, Steak and Frites, Strips of Naked Bacon- Sugar Free and Chipotle
German – Booth # F41
Potato Pancakes, Bratwurst (Sheboygan), Waffle Fries with Cheese, German Potato Salad, Strudel (Apple or Cherry)
Greek – Booth # F26
Gyros, Greek Potatoes, Appetizer Sampler, Baklava, Lemonade
Haitian—Booth # F6
Rice (red, yellow, vegetable, Kreyol with Haitian Djon Djon), Poulet Kreyol (Kreyol chicken), Kreyol Dinde (Kreyol turkey), Banana Frie (fried sweet plantain), Pickles, Jus Grenadia (passion fruit juice)
Iranian – Booth # F32
White or Lentil Rice, Chicken Kabob, Cucumber Yogurt, Chopped Salad (Shirazi)
Italian – Booth # F36
¼ Italian Sausage sandwich, ½ Italian Sausage sandwich, ¼ Jumbo All-Beef Hot Dog, Assorted Italian Cookies, Fresh-squeezed Lemonade, Limeade, Cherry Limeade, Cherry Lemonade
Jamaican – Booth # F14
Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Curry Goat, Curry Chicken, Rice and Beans, Jamaican Patties, Escovitch Fish, Codfish Fritters, Island Lemonade, Mini-Rum Cakes
Japanese – Booth # F29
Yakisoba (Japanese-style stir-fried noodles), Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake with custard), Deep-fried Rice Ball (cheese rice ball), Edamame, Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice): ujikintoki (green tea powder, condensed milk, syrup, sweetened bean paste) green tea flavor, strawberry flavor, melon flavor, Green Tea
Kurdish – Booth # F9
Kebob, Falafel, Hummus and Pita, Gyro, Qotelk, Dolma, Lahmacun, Baba Ghanoush, Kataif, Baklava, Snow Cones
Mexican – Booth # F31 
Mexican Tamales (Chicken or Pork), Tex-Mex Tamales Topped with Chili con Carne, Chicken Burritos, Burrito Plate, Nacho Locos, Fresh Fruit Cup, Agua Frescas (Fruit Juices), Horchata, Tamarindo 
Mexican – Booth # F17 
Tacos (Asada, Al Pastor, Chicken), Quesadillas (Cheese, Steak, Chicken), Red or Green Salsa, Flan 
Nepalese – Booth # F25
Vegetable Samosas, Chicken Korma, Mixed Vegetable Tarkari 
Polish – Booth # F19
Jumbo ¼ lb. Polish Sausage, Polish Sausage Hot Dog, Stuffed Cabbage, Potato Dumplings, Potato Pancakes, Cabbage and Noodles, Pierogi, Perogi Plate, Sampler, Polish Platter, Super Polish Platter, Side of Kraut, Red Borsch Soup, Chicken Dumpling Soup, Cheesy Beer Soup, Cold Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Apple Cider, Hot Coffee, Decaf, Hot Tea, Cocoa, Cider
Puerto Rican – Booth # F24
Empanadillas de Pizza (pizza empanadas), Empanadillas de Pollo (chicken empanadas), Empanadillas de Carne (beef empanadas), Bacalitos (fried codfish fritters), Tostones, Arroz con Gandules (rice with pigeon peas and pork shoulder), Agua, Piña Colada (non-alcoholic), Coco Rico (coconut soda)
Romanian – Booth # F8
Sarmale (cabbage rolls), Cauliflower Soufflé, Zucchini Soufflé, Cold Mashed Beans with Celery, Tomato Salad with Cheese, Mashed Beans with European Sausage, Rice and Yogurt Cold Soup, European Cheese Pastry, Kataif with Walnuts, Fruit Tart, Crepes with Fruit Preserve, Baked Apples, Romanian Sweet Bread with Walnuts, Café Frappe, Chocolate Frappe, Natural Fruit Syrup
Scottish – Booth # F1
1/3 lbs. Scottish Highland Steak Burger, Rib Steak Sandwich, Haggis and Mash, Bangers and Mash, Mince and Tatties, Haggis Pups/Scottish Sausage, Irish Banger, Bacon Butty, Oz Dog, Scottish Sausage, Strawberry Shortcake
Senegalese – Booth # F37
Yassa Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Vegetable Curry, Fried Plantains, Jollof Rice
Spanish – Booth # F15
Paella, Croquettes, Lemonade
Thai – Booth # F22
Pad Thai Chicken, Pad Thai Vegetable, Chicken Satay, Curry Puff, Fresh Coconut Water, Thai Ice Tea, Thai Ice Coffee 
Thai – Booth # F4
Spicy Thai-style Stir-fried Noodles (chicken or tofu), Pad Thai Koras (chicken or tofu), Grilled Chicken, Kaow Yum Nam Chicken, Kra-ree Puff (curry puff), Vegetable Eggrolls, Sweet Potato, Thai Ice Tea, Thai Ice Coffee, Bubble Chai Tea/Coffee, Lime Ice Tea, Mango Ice Tea, Lynchee Ice Juice, Green Ice Tea 
Turkish – Booth # F38 
Kofte Sandwich (beef and lamb meatballs on taruk), Borek (feta cheese pie), Chicken Kebobs, Chicken Kebob Sandwich, Firinda Makarna (Turkish mac and cheese with spinach and feta), Bocha (meat pie with pine nuts), Baklava, Mint Lemonade
Turkish – Booth # F3 
Turkish Gyro, Turkish Baklava, Boiled Corn, Turkish Coffee, Lemonade, Shaved Ice
Vietnamese – Booth # F2
Spring Rolls, Egg Rolls, Crab Rangoon, Chicken Shish Kabob, Chrysanthemum Tea