Our Green Efforts

Our Commitment to Green Events
Facilitated through partnership with St. Louis Earth Day and their Recycling On the Go event-greening program (www.stlouisearthday.org).

Festival of Nations is committed to incorporating sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impact of this year's event. In 2017, total diversion from landfill was 48%. Our goal this year is to divert 60% of waste to area area landfills through recycling, compost and oil collection. Since 2011, we have diverted 36.8 tons of waste from area landfills by collecting recyclable materials from both event attendees and vendors.
Our event is easily accessible by bus and bike. We strongly urge Festival attendees to use alternative transport or carpool.
Vendors & Exhibitors
We use locally-owned businesses and vendors for our rentals, services and product purchases whenever possible. We also make suggestions to vendors on how they can decrease waste, such as minimizing hand outs and selecting eco-friendly promotional products.