Booth Operators

Food, Gift, and Non-Profit Community Booths 

Photo by International Institute/Roger Popwell

Appy Now to Receive an Application for Festival of Nations 2019!

Please read the qualifications below to see if you are eligible to participate. All applications will be e-mailed to the address on the form by March 31, 2019. Receiving an application does not guarantee you a space in the festival.  Applications are considered on a first-come basis. Remember that we have a limited number of spaces available.

To have a booth at the Festival:

  • You must turn in your application completly filled-in with deposit,
  • Your application will be reviewed,
  • And you must receive confirmation from IISTL of your participation.


For Food and Gift Booths – please fill out this request form to receive an application.

For Non-Profit Community Booths – please fill out this request form to receive an application. If you are a for-profit organizations, please contact Gary Broome at gro.l1553367205tsii@1553367205gemoo1553367205rb1553367205 about booth space.

Each year, Festival of Nations booth vendors sell delicious ethnic food and traditional ethnic gifts to thousands of festival goers. More than 100 food, gift and information booths are available to non-profit organizations and immigrant small business owners. We allow only one culture/ethnicity to be represented in each booth, e.g., Colombian, Ecuadoran, or Chilean – not South American, Asian, or World.

Since Festival of Nations celebrates the many cultures of the world in St. Louis, we accept only food and gift booth vendors who meet our participation criteria.

Please do not apply if you cannot meet the following qualifications:

  • Vendor and majority of booth workers must be of the ethnicity being represented. (If you are selling Chinese products, you must be Chinese.)
  • All merchandise or food being sold in a booth must represent the ethnicity being presented.
  • Merchandise must be made in the corresponding country, e.g., Chinese fans made in China or Taiwan, not made in Sri Lanka. Examples of mass-produced items that are prohibited include Barbie dolls in traditional costumes, T-shirts. of any kind, and knives, swords and other potentially dangerous toys.
  • Participant is in good standing with the International Institute
  • Applications will be considered in order received
  • Carnival food such as cotton candy and kettle korn does not fit with our mission, and is not allowed in the festival.
  • Have a MO Sales Tax License (MO Tax ID number) – for more information click here.


Booths can only be rented by ethnic organizations or businesses (generally immigrant-owned or operated); ethnic organizations that meet certain eligibility criteria can apply for a rental discount.

All inquiries will be directed to this page.


Christina Juelfs, gro.l1553367205tsii@1553367205csfle1553367205uj1553367205

(314) 773-9090, ext. 121