Food Booths

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veg = vegetarian    v = vegan
(Designation of food items provided by vendor)
Afghan – Booth #F37Curry Veggies (veg), Eggplant Borani (veg), Chicken Karahi, Muntoo, Qabelli Palau, Chicken and Beef Kabobs, Afghan Pakoura (v), Challow Rice (v), Chicken Teeka Masala, Tandori Chicken Leg Quarters
American – Booth #F19Hamburger, Hot Dog, Corn Dog, Funnel Cake, Chicken Kaduz, Chicken Sandwich, Potato Ribbon Fries, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Frozen Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Shave Ice with Flavor Station, Southern Sweet Tea, Peach Sweet Tea, Raspberry Sweet Tea
Argentine – Booth #F15Meat Empanadas, Spinach Empanadas (veg), Ham and Cheese Empanadas, Cream Corn Empanadas (veg)
Asian Indian – Booth #F24Paneer Tikka Masala (veg), Chicken Samosa, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken 65
Belizean – Booth #F36Rice and Beans with Chicken, Tamales, Gumbo, Meat Pies, Water
Bhutanese – Booth #F29Samosa (veg), Chaumin (veg), Dumplings (veg), Pork Dumplings, Pork Ribs, Biayani
Bolivian – Booth #F31Chicken Salteñas, Vegetarian Salteñas (veg), Pork Loin Sandwich, Humintas (Corn Casserole) (veg), Sonso (Yuca and Cheese Casserole) (veg), Brazo Gitano (Dulce de Leche filled Cake Role) (veg), Alfajor Cookie, Arroz con Leche (rice pudding)
Bulgarian – Booth #F25Bacon-wrapped Chicken Skewer, Kavarma (spicy pork and vegetables with rice), Roasted Lamb with Wild Rice Casserole, Kűfteta (Mini pork burger), Grilled Eggplant (veg), Garlic Fries with Feta (veg), Roasted Eggplant Dip with Pita (veg), Butternut Squash Strudel (v), Frozen Bulgarian Yogurt (veg), Strawberry Lemonade
Cajun – Booth #F21Mama Slappin’ Fried Chicken, Catfish & Shrimp Basket, Loaded Fries with bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream & chives, Parmesan Fries, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice, Crawfish Etouffe, Virgin Daiquiris, Lemonade
Caribbean – Booth #F27Jerk Chicken, Curried Chicken, Rice and Peas (v), Fried Bake – bread-like dough fried (v), Caribbean Meat Patties, Caribbean Rum Cake (veg), Caribbean Punch
Chinese – Booth #F22Vegetable Spring Rolls (veg), Crab Rangoon, Pork Egg Rolls, Potstickers, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken St. Paul Sandwich, Plain St. Paul Sandwich (veg)
Chinese – Booth #F45Egg Roll, Peking Duck Taco, General Tao’s Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Beef with Broccoli, Green Beans with Garlic (v), Vegetable Fried Rice (v), Vegetable Lo Mein (v), Fresh Fruit Smoothie
Colombian (new) – Booth #F2Chicken Pinchos, Empanadas, Chorizo, Tamales Colombianos
Colombian – Booth #F46Arepa filled with chicken (corn flour filled with grilled chicken, seasoned with onion and tomatoes), Arepa filled with beef (corn flour filled with grilled beef, seasoned with onion and tomatoes), Cheese Empanada, Chicken Empanada, Beef Empanada, Lemonade
Eritrean – Booth #F18Zigni (beef stew), Hamil (greens spinach stew) (v), Alicha (mixed vegetables)( v), Adess (lentil stew) (v), Injera (ethnic sour bread) (v), Himbash (traditional bread) (v), Lentil Sambusa (v)
Ethiopian – Booth #F39Misr Wot (lentil spicy stew) (v), Tikel Gomen (cabbage, carrot, and potato stew) (v), Misr Alecha (whole lentil mild) (v), Doro Wot (chicken spicy stew), Tibs Wot (prime spicy beef stew), Meat and Vegetable, Lentil Sambusa (v), Beef Sambusa
Filipino – Booth #F12Chicken Adobo over Rice, Pancit (Filipino noodles), Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken or Pork Siopao (steamed buns filled with chicken or pork), Veggie Roll (veg), Crab Rangoon, Crispy Lumpia (chicken or pork), Iced Tea, Cantaloupe Juice, Water
Filipino – Booth #F26Pork Kabob, Chicken Kabob, Beef Kabob, Pansit (Filipino noodles with stir fry vegetables), Turon (fried banana roll with jackfruit and brown sugar inside),  Banana Que (fried whole banana with brown sugar), Crab Rangoon, Lumpia (fried Filipino spring roll), Chicken Pork Adobo, Vegetable Stir Fry (veg), Lemonades – Strawberry, Peach and Pineapple
Georgian (new) – Booth #F11Grilled Lamb Shoulder (Side of rice), Khachapuri (Option of cheese or spinach & cheese), Chicken Kebab Sandwich, Khinkali, Pilav (Fried Rice), Honey Cake
German – Booth #F47Potato Pancakes (veg, cooked in peanut oil), Bratwurst (Sheboygan), Waffle Fries with Cheese (v), German Potato Salad, Strudel (Apple or Cherry) (veg), Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Water
Greek – Booth #F28Gyros, Greek Potatoes (v), Baklava (veg), Lemonade, Water
Hawaiian (new) – Booth #F14Poke Bowl served with rice or noodle, Tune Poke, Salmon Poke, Shrimp Poke, Chicken Poke, Gyoza, Spam Musubi, Smoothies
Iranian – Booth #F34White or Lentil Rice, Chicken Kabob, Cucumber Yogurt, Shirazi Salad, Bottled Water
Italian – Booth #F34Italian Sausage (¼ lb & ½ lb sandwich with grilled peppers & onion on an Italian roll), Jumbo All Beef Hot Dogs, Lemonade & Limeade, Cherry Lemonade & Cherry Limeade, Bottled Water
Jamaican – Booth #F44Jerk Chicken Kabob, Reggae Wings, Jerk Brisket Sliders, Jerk Brisket Nacho, Jerk Brisket Taco, Jerk Philly,  Brisket, Jerk Philly Pull Pork
Japanese – Booth #F38Yakisoba (Japanese-style stir-fried noodles), Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake with custard), Deep-fried Rice Ball (crispy cheese rice ball), Edamame, Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice), Green Tea, Water
Korean – Booth #F20Korean Fried Chicken, Teriyaki Wings, Sweet Frank’s Red Hot Wings, Kimchi Mandu, Tacos, Grilled Kabobs, Kimchi, Korean Potato Salad, Lemonade
Kurdish – Booth #F3Gyro Sandwich, Falafel Sandwich (veg), Kotelk, Baba Ganoush (veg), Hummus (veg), Spinach Pie (veg), Cheese Pie (veg), Chicken Beryani, Baklava, Snow Cones
Laotian – Booth #F17Chicken Curry Puff, Grilled Sticky Rice (v), Lao Sausage, Pinwheel Cookie (pineapple and mango) (veg), Crispy Peanut Chip (veg), Grilled Banana (v), Ice Coffee, Hisbiscus Tea, Iced Green Tea, Water
Lebanese (new) – Booth #F13Falafel, Falafel Sandwich, Shawarma, Shawarma Sandwich, Tabbouleh, French Fries, Eran Yogurt, Fried Kebbe, Grape Leaves, Baba Ganoush, Tamarind Juice, Water
Liberian – Booth #F4Liberian Style Collard Greens and Rice, Jollof Rice, Fried Plantain, Fish, Kala & Sauce, Grilled Meat
Malaysian – Booth #F30Malaysian Chickpea Curry (v), Tumeric Rice (v), Potato Curry Puff (veg), Pandan Ice Cream (veg)
Mexican (new) – Booth #F10All Gluten Free – Mexican Street Corn (veg), Chicken Mole, Chicken Tacos, Jalisco Nachos, Portobello Tacos, Chips & Queso (veg), Chips & Salsa (v)
Mexican – Booth #F41Mexican Tamales (Chicken or Pork), Tex-Mex Tamales with chili & con carne, Chicken Burritos, Burrito Plate with Mex-rice and refried beans, Nachos Locos (corn chips with melted cheese & ground beef), Fresh Fruit Cup, Fruit Drinks – Mango, Lemonade Hochata Tamarinro, Watermelon
Polish – Booth #F1Polish Sausage, Currywurst, Potato Pancake (veg), Pierogi, Cabbage and Noodles, Polish Kabab Wrap, Kraut (v), Polish Fried Rice, Tea, Lemonade, Cocoa, Cider, Coffee, Water
Romanian – Booth #F43Sarmale (cabbage rolls), Cauliflower Soufle (veg), Rice Greek Yogurt Cold Soup (veg), Mashed Beans with celery stalk or pickle (v), Tomato Entrée with Feta Cheese (veg), Bake Apple with Caramel Sauce & Walnuts (veg), Crepes with fruit preserve or Nutella (veg), Café Frappe, Kataif with cool whip and walnuts, Fruit Tart with Seasonal Fruit
Scottish – Booth #F16Scottish Meat Pie, Steak & Mushroom Pie, Cottage Pie, Chicken Pie, Sausage Roll, Shepherd’s Pie, Curry Lamb Pie, Mac & Cheese Pie (veg)
Senegalese – Booth #F9Yassa Chicken (marinated in an onion mustard lemon sauce), Veggie Curry (veg), Fried Plantain (veg), Jerk Chicken, Jolof Rice (veg), Tieboou Yapp (beef fried rice), Steam Cabbage (veg), Bibi (grilled lamb with onion & Dijon), Ginger Juice, Sorel Juice
Soul – Booth #F7Fries, Pulled Pork Nachos, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Rib Tips, Ribs, Chicken on a Stick, Chicken Fingers, Cherry Lemonade, Water
Spanish – Booth #F33Paella Vegan (v), Vegetarian and Vegan Croquettes (v), Sea & Mountain Paella, Meat Croquettes, Poultry Croquettes, Fish & Seafood Croquettes, Gazpacho, Spanish Lemonade, Water
Syrian (new) – Booth #F42Cheese-filled Samboosa (veg), Hummus with Pita, Baba Ganoush with Pita, Falafel Sandwich, Chicken Shawarma Sandwich, Beef Shawarma Sandwich, Shish Tawook (chicken skewer with rice and salad), Kefta Kabab (Ground Beef with Parsley, Onions & Specialty Spices. Served with Rice and Salad), Chicken & Rice (Barbeque Leg Quarter with Specialty Spices. Served with Rice and Salad), Vitmo, Water
Thai – Booth #F35Pad Thai Chicken, Pad Thai Vegetable (veg), Chicken Satay, Curry Puff (veg), Roast Bamboo with Sticky Rice (veg), Sweet Rice with Banana steamed in Banana Leaf, Fresh Coconut water (v), Mango, Guava, Pomegranate and Aloe Vera Juice, Thai Ice Tea, Thai Ice Coffee
Thai – Booth #F5Siam Noodle (stir fried rice noodles with Tofu, egg, bean sprouts, slice cabbage and paprika sauce, thin soy sauce) (veg), Gai Ping (tender lean strips of white meat chicken marinated in sweetened condensed milk, garlic powder, turmeric, lime leave, coconut milk and served with barbeque sauce, chili sauce), Combo – Siam noodle with two sticks of Gai Ping, Thai Ice Tea
Turkish – Booth #F6Turkish Gyro, Turkish Ice Cream, Baklava, Rice and Meat, Fried Turkish Stuffed Bread, Water, Lemonade, Turkish Coffee, Shaved Ice
Turkish – Booth #F32Falafel (v), Kofte (beef and lamb meatballs), Chicken Kebobs, Sigara Boregi (veg), Firinda Makarna (Turkish mac and cheese with spinach and feta) (veg), Mint Lemonade, Water
Venezuelan – Booth #F23Arepas (beef, chicken, pork or cheese (veg)), Empanadas Venezolanas (beef, cheese (veg) or chicken), Patacon (chicken or pork), Papelon Con limón
Vietnamese – Booth #F8Spring Rolls, Egg Rolls, Crab Rangoon, Chicken Shish Kabob