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Click here to volunteer at Festival of Nations 2018!

Nearly 600 volunteers are needed to make the Festival of Nations a success each year! Large companies, area businesses, ethnic organizations and local residents give their time and effort to help sell drinks, greet visitors, conduct market research, assist with trash control and recycling, manage artist stages, and much more. To reserve your choice position and shift, or sign up a group, use the link above.

Still need volunteers to help with our Green Efforts.

Recycling Crew: Green Festival Ambassador

Help our visitors to ensure food and recyclables are properly sorted by helping in the St. Louis Earth Day’s recycling stands in our dining areas. These volunteers interact directly with festival attendees and represent our festival’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Recycling Crew: Roaming Green Team

In pairs or small groups, walk around the festival and ensure that recycling stations are functioning well. Change bags when the bins are full (set aside for pickup). Help instruct festival attendees with recycling. A great way to see the whole festival while helping it run smoothly and to save the earth!

Recycling Crew: Food Vendor Relations

Join our food vendors in ensuring the greenest Festival of Nations so far! Work directly with different vendors making food from around the world, helping them learn how to sort items properly and efficiently. This role is great for those who want to meet vendors from many cultures!

Contact Info: 

Kelly Moore, gro.l1558933736tsii@1558933736keroo1558933736m1558933736

(314)773-9090, ext. 163