International Institute's Festival of Nations

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Global Corner

Celebrate World Culture – Here in St. Louis!

Visit our Global Corner to explore the cultures of St. Louis’ 15 sister cities through the eyes and ears of volunteers who support St. Louis’ 15 Sister City Committees. Use your very own passport and fill it out as you travel around this interactive learning center.

Sponsored by the St. Louis Sister Cities Program, World Trade Center-St. Louis. St. Louis’ Sister Cities include: Bologna, Italy; Bogor, Indonesia; Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Donegal County, Ireland; Galway, Ireland; Georgetown, Guyana; Lyon, France; Nanjing, China; St. Louis, Senegal; Samara, Russia; Stuttgart, Germany; Suwa, Japan; Szcezecin, Poland; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; and Wuhan, China. Visit our web site at St. Louis Sister Cities Program – World Trade Center.

Village Green

Dance lessons for the young & the young-at-heart!

Test your dancing and athletic skills by joining in on informal, free dance lessons including Spanish Flamenco, popular Indian dancing and the Mexican Hat Dance. Festival artists are your instructors. Sway to Brazilian samba, try Polynesian hula, learn the beautiful movements of belly dance, and practice Japanese bonodori. Dance your way around the world!

Beliefs of the World

Stroll among displays about the many beliefs of the world. Meet representatives from the Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis and get your questions answered. This opportunity is being provided so that festival goers can have a casual means to learn about the similarities and differences.

Religions, Faiths and Beliefs represented this year are: Living Insights Center, Living Insights Center, Hinduism, Sathya Sai, Zen Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Ahmadiyya Islam, Sufi Islam, Baha’i, Baptist Christianity, Church of Christ Scientist, Roman Catholicism, Latter-day Saints (Mormons), Center for Sustainability and Spirituality, United Church of Christ, Sikhism, Ethical Society Ancient Order of Druids, and Hare Krishna.

IFP’s members include a wide variety of faiths and faith-based institutions including Christians, Islamic, Jewish, and Buddhist institutions. Please refer to their website for more details about the partnership and a list of its current members.

World Sports & Game Meadow

Visit the World Sports & Game Meadow to learn different sports & games from around the world.

Participating organizations this year include: Aikido St. Louis, Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis, Institute of Tamil Performing Arts, International Shaolin Wushu CenterMissouri Youth Cricket Association, Julie Power, Licensed Zumba Instructor, Sokol St. Louis American Czech Center, The Collective STL – Yoga for Communities of Color in St. Louis, and Viva Brasil St. Louis.