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The customs, arts & culture of diverse St. Louisans

Activities will be added throughout the summer, check back often. Fun for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

Family Arts & Crafts

Explore the many cultures represented in St. Louis through craft projects for children.

Global Corner

The St. Louis Sister Cities Program is part of the World Trade Center St. Louis’ international mission. Sanctioned by Sister Cities International (, locally, it supports and coordinates the 16 sister cities programs and provides guidance for those interested in establishing new sister cities relations.

Enjoy a virtual tour of St. Louis Sister Cities and submit your answers to the quizzes after each Sister City to be considered for a raffle!


Religions of the World

World Religions of St. Louis Map

Typically, you can explore religions of the world while at the Festival of Nations. This year we invite you to explore religious diversity in our region through this interactive map, which shows houses of worship from 34 different traditions represented on Interfaith Partnership’s Cabinet. The map is imperfect and far from comprehensive. But we hope it provides you with an opportunity to explore St. Louis geography through the lens of religious diversity.


Questions for Exploration

  • How many different religious or ethical traditions are you familiar with?
  • How many different religions do you think are practiced by people throughout the greater St. Louis area?
  • Zoom in on an area of St. Louis where you live or have lived. How many places of worship are within a few miles? Are there any that are new to you?
  • Find an area of St. Louis you are unfamiliar with. How many different religious traditions are represented there?
  • If you are religious, have you ever visited a house of worship different than your own? What do you recall from that experience?

Want to learn more? Visit The Pluralism Project to learn more about the world’s religions. And consider participating in upcoming events hosted by Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis this fall. Visit for more information.

We depend on generous gifts from supporters of the festival to ensure that the work of the International Institute of St. Louis continues, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic when the need is greater and resources are less.