American Heritage Project

St. Louis is currently experiencing a renaissance and it’s happening from the ground up, driven in part by immigrant innovators, doers and makers who have made St. Louis their home. These people are proof you don’t have to be born here to be STLMade. Because it’s about being part of our thriving community and collaborating in unique ways to keep it growing stronger. St. Louis welcomes them and works hard to make sure more just like them find their success here, too.

Share Your Family History and/or Traditions

  • Share – Why did you or your family come to the US, or if applicable, to St. Louis in particular?
  • Share – What were some challenges you or your family had to overcome when navigating a new culture or new city?
  • Share – What was the most rewarding part about moving here?
  • Share – In what ways do you express the culture and traditions of your family heritage?

Proud to be STLMade: a movement of St. Louis area residents, organizations, and businesses that shines a light on all the reasons this region is the place where you can start up, stand out, and stay. Visit and follow to see for yourself.

We depend on generous gifts from supporters of the festival to ensure that the work of the International Institute of St. Louis continues, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic when the need is greater and resources are less.