The 2019 International Food Court

Eat your way around the world! Dine at 50 ethnic food booths, featuring mouth-watering delights from the four corners of the world. Savor flaky Greek or Turkish baklava, Ethiopian injera with doro wat, Polish sausage, Bolivian salteñas, Mexican tamales, Afghan sambosa, Filipino kebabs, Bulgarian bacon-wrapped chicken skewer, and much, much more!

Or, help yourself to a hot dog or hamburger, if you prefer. Beer and margaritas are also available.

Coming soon list of 2019 food booths and menus.

Photo by International Institute/Ron Anderson


World Bazaar and Gifts

Stop by 35+ ethnic booths, selling a broad array of colorful gifts including African drums, Ecuadoran clothing, German lace, Russian nested dolls, Chinese shoes, Indian saris and other festival favorites. Start your holiday shopping early!

List of 2019 gift booths coming soon.

Photo by International Institute/Jerry Smith