Applications will be available in April

Share your arts and culture with 125,000 visitors at Festival of Nations 2020
The festival’s arts programming committee is seeking the finest, most authentic and most diverse ethnic dancers, musicians, storytellers, craft demonstrators and others. All or most artists in a group (except in the World Music Pavilion) should be members of the tradition being presented.

  • Main Stage for large dance troupes;
  • Grand Stage for large dance troupes and musical performances;
  • World Music Pavilion, for bands that merge traditional and modern music from around the globe.
  • Dance Lessons, on the Village Green, where artists teach fair-goers ethnic dances.
  • Storytelling

Participation opportunities in Artisans Way

  • Craft Demonstrations – audiences watches you demonstrate a craft;
  • Craft Workshop – audience participation and/or they make an item and take it home with them;
  • Calligraphy, showcasing the beautiful written form of various languages;
  • Cultural/Ethnic Display – showcasing traditional and/or modern garments, instruments, or aspects of cultural significance;
  • Other.

Average performance time is:

  • Including commentary and costume changes,
    • Main Stage act: 15 minutes.
    • Grand Stage act: 15-45 minutes.
    • World Music Pavilion act: 30-45 minutes.
  • Average demonstration time for craftspeople: 3 hours.
  • Average dance lesson: 30-40 minutes.

All artists chosen for the program will receive a modest honorarium.
Tell us what you can do! We attempt to find space for everyone who expresses interest but cannot guarantee a place on the schedule. The number and quality of artists is growing. Your chance to be selected will improve if you:

  • Complete your application promptly, and
  • Are flexible about when you can appear.

Due to space and time limits, we will not be able to offer a place on the program to every applicant. A place on the schedule is not guaranteed until signed contracts are mailed to applicants in mid-July. But we want to include you and your culture if we can!
Curious about the temperature? History shows the last weekend of August is one of the coolest and driest of the summer. Plus, tree-lined, shady Tower Grove Park averages 15-20 degrees cooler than the world outside, even on super-hot days. We locate the entertainment venues in the shade or cover them where possible. Special “cool down” areas are provided in extreme weather conditions. Your safety and comfort are our concern.


The International Institute’s Festival of Nations is intended to be an inclusive and open festival to all who wish to attend. However, it is beyond the scope of this event, which is focused on the St. Louis and Midwest region, to serve as a source for entering the USA. It is therefore the responsibility of the participant alone to gain the required visa and funding to attend. Festival personnel cannot provide letters of invitation to international participants for this purpose.

Carrie Brickey, 

(314) 773-9090, ext. 161