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Nearly 600 volunteers are needed to make the Festival of Nations a success each year! Large companies, area businesses, ethnic organizations and local residents give their time and effort to help sell drinks, greet visitors, conduct market research, assist with trash control and recycling, manage artist stages, and much more. To reserve your choice position and shift, or sign up a group, use the link above.

Area Volunteer Coordinators Wanted

  • If you are a coordinator you can expect to have a long day! It’s about 11 hours of fun! Saturday starts at 9am and goes till 8pm and Sunday starts at 9:30 and goes till 7:30!
  • We will also be holding a mandatory training for all coordinators! This will be full of useful information and will help us better prepare you for your duties during the day. We will try to make this a fun meeting too!
  • Coordinator opportunities: Drink Booth; Marketing Survey; World Sports and Game Meadow; and Children’s area. Also, if you think of another area not listed that you think needs a coordinator, send that to us.

Please send Kelly Moore your desired position, and how many days you want to volunteer? If you have a specific area or location that you desire we will do our best to make it happen.–>

Contact Info: 

Kelly Moore,

(314)773-9090, ext. 163